//Uganda – Missing Ugandan Woman Found in Septic Tank at Home

Uganda – Missing Ugandan Woman Found in Septic Tank at Home

The body of a Ugandan businesswoman who briefly moved to Kenya in 1993 after separating from her husband has reportedly been found in her marriage home’s septic tank after disappearing on January 6, 2021.

According to Daily monitor, the body believed to be by Immaculate Mary Blessing Asio, was discovered Wednesday in a sack laden with stones in Munyonyo, Kampala, along with one of the as yet unidentified person-said to be her maid-who is also reported to have disappeared about the same period.

The interior of the house had reportedly been renovated.

In a diary found by investigators, Asio, CEO of Pentagon Security Services Ltd, allegedly opened up to torture from unnamed family members about her struggles to stay safe and talked about living without love at home.

The 62-year-old mother of one who often commuted to her second business in Nairobi said she feared for her life.

She once fled her married home to a rented house in Buziga, 7 km south of the capital Kampala, but returned home after her husband, Francis Onebe, engaged her in-laws to reconciliation and promised to change her behavior.

“Every day I feel that I am not yet safe in my own house. I know they do not like me after my struggling (sic) as a housewife all these years? Why do you hate me like that, my dear? “She reportedly wrote.

“What have I done that does not make you happy all the time? … God will always listen to my prayers. I love you God, because you can not bribe … Will my people come to my rescue? What if I want to be alone at some point when I’m focused? ”

Although it was not clear if she had written the diary, Asio said her business in Nairobi was causing problems for her with people near her.

“When I return home, there are no signs of happiness and love in the house, but fear will engulf me. Nobody loves what I say, nobody loves what I say. Instead, I am scared all the time, ”read a post in the diary.

In a post allegedly made in December 2019, Asio said: “Even after I finished my successful wedding, things have never changed. I worked on organizing myself, but no one can appreciate my efforts” and asked that “let all that I have struggled with be safe one day when I am gone”.

Her husband, who remarried and had four children after Asia’s 10-year stay in Kenya, told NTV-Uganda on March 2, that businesswoman was allegedly abducted by security agencies.

“My children ask me, ‘Dad, is Mom dead or alive?’ I said I do not know. When the security guards investigating this saw her, they then said, ‘Mzee, do not lose hope. Your mother (wife) is safe. If they’ve killed her, let them give me the body I’m burying because I’m being harassed. If she’s alive, at least let me talk to her, and that’s all because I’m bothered so much, ”said Onebe.

The two, according to Daily monitor, reunited and formalized their union in early 2000, but relatives reported that his continued ‘contact with the other woman and their four children resulted in tensions, rivalry and clashes.’

Talking to Monitor, Spokesman for the Criminal Investigation Directorate, Charles Twiine, said investigations are underway. “We are talking to more people, but most of the information we have gathered is critical to our investigations,” Twiine said.

Asio’s daughter has submitted samples for examination at the Government Analytical Laboratory (GAL) to determine DNA.

Source: afghannews.org


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