//Nancy Kacung- Hair Styles from Africa Day

Nancy Kacung- Hair Styles from Africa Day

It’s AfricaDay, and here’s a collage of some of the hairstyles I’ve had braided in different African cities over the past year or so when time allows, I go to a salon to get my hair braided in some of the places I travel to.

It’s a great non-touristy way to learn about the country and people. I ask for simple styles to avoid any hair disasters, but it’s always fascinating to observe what goes on in the salon, what the trends are, what the conversation is. In Dakar I had to communicate with another customer in French (thanks, Google translate) who could then translate to my stylist in Wolof.

The braider in Accra was such a jolly woman; she answered a phone call every ten minutes but also bought me the best plantain chips I’ve ever tasted in my life from a passing vendor. These salon visits have given me lots of lovely memories of these cities, even story ideas sometimes; but most of all they remind me how we are so much the same yet different all around our beautiful continent.

Source: Nancy Kacungira Facebook

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