//Kenya – Woman’s Startup Recycles Plastic into Bricks

Kenya – Woman’s Startup Recycles Plastic into Bricks

A KENYAN woman has found a way to recycle plastic waste that is five times stronger than concrete.

Nzambi Matee, the founder of s based in Nairobi, said that the bricks she has made can be thrown against a wall and do not crack.

Speaking to Reuters, Matee said: “Our product is almost five to seven times stronger than concrete. There is that waste they cannot process anymore, they cannot recycle. That is what we get.”

Her company produces up to 1500 bricks a day and uses a mix of different plastics from shampoo bottles to sandwich bags to sell on for construction purposes.

They have recycled up to 20 tons of plastic waste to date by accepting plastic that other factories cannot process or recycle.

Although she gets packaging from factories for free, she still purchases plastic from recyclers to make the bricks which are constructed from heating sand and plastic before compressing it together.

The material engineer has been running her business since 2017 and said she started her project to combat plastic pollution after growing tired of government officials, who she felt were not taking swift enough action.

She has plans to add another production line to her factory which will triple the output of plastic material.

Speaking on her new endeavours and perseverance in her work, she said: “I was tired of being on the sidelines.”


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