//Mauritius – Appoints First Female Chief Judge in 54 years

Mauritius – Appoints First Female Chief Judge in 54 years

Judge Bibi Rehana Mungly-Gulbul the current No 2 of the Judiciary, who will be the 12th chief judge, will make history by being the first woman to hold this position, 54 years after independence

Under Article 77 (2) of the Constitution, the President of the Republic endorsed the appointment of Judge Bibi Rehana Mungly-Gulbul as Senior Puisne Judge, following the retirement of Nalini Matadeen this month. this. The chief judge, Asraf Caunhye, also retiring in November, the Senior Puisne Judge will succeed him to become the first woman in the country to occupy such a position.

The Judiciary already has 15 women and 8 men judges. The wife of lawyer Raouf Gulbul took up her official duties yesterday. She will hold this position for another six months before being appointed chief judge in November, and therefore after the departure of Asraf Caunhye, who will turn 67 on November 18. Nalini Matadeen, wife of former chief judge Keshoe Parsad Matadeen, retired this month.

Bibi Rehana Mungly-Gulbul, 61, studied law in England and was called to the Bar in 1983. She received her primary education at the Phoenix Government School and her secondary education at Queen Elizabeth College , where she was laureate. Bibi Rehana Mungly worked for five years at the prosecution before joining the magistracy of the various district courts and that of Rodrigues.

In 2003, she rose to the post of Deputy Master and Registrar and, subsequently, as Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court. Bibi Rehana Mungly-Gulbul was appointed judge in 2008. She has also served as President of the Commercial Court.

AFTER INDEPENDENCE: Eleven chief judges in office

Since 1967, the country has had 11 chief judges. Fifty-four years later, the Judiciary appointed his first female chief judge. Here are those who have marked the judiciary since independence:

Michel Rivalland (1967–1970)
Sir Jean François Maurice Latour-Adrien (1970–1977)
Sir William Henry Garrioch (1977–1978)
Sir Cassam Moollan (1982–1988)
Sir Victor Joseph Patrick Glover (1988–1994)
Rajsoomer Lallah (1995 –1995)
Ariranga Pillay (1996–2007)
YKJ Yeung Sik Yuen (2007–2013)
Kheshoe Parsad Matadeen (2013–2019)
Marc France Eddy Balancy (March 26, 2019– May 5, 2020)
Ashraf Caunhye (since May 6, 2020)

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