//Entissar Amer – First Lady of Egypt

Entissar Amer – First Lady of Egypt

Entissar Mohameed Amer El-sisi (Arabic: انتصار عامر‎‎; also spelled Intissar Amer) is the wife and cousin of the Sixth President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the First Lady of Egypt since 8 June 2014. She was born in Cairo on December 3, 1956.


She received a high school diploma – Thanaweya Amma-from El Abbassia High School in 1977. She also received a Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting Division from Ain- Shams University


They got married in 1977 after El-Sisi graduated from the Military Academy. They have three sons and one daughter: Mahmoud, Mostafa, Hassan and Aya.

Amer became the first lady of Egypt upon her husband’s appointment as the President of Egypt after the 30 Jun military coup on the formal president Morsi. Judge Adly Mansour was appointed as an acting president during the transitional period from July 3,2013 to June 7,2014. Then Sisi won the presidential elections that were performed afterward, and took the oath of office on June 8, 2014. She doesn’t work and presents no interest in developing professionaly as she dedicated her time to the family after obtaining her university degree.

Roles and Activities

She has no role in any civil activities or duties and seems to be following the extreme islamic culture of being a house wife. The newspapers rarely ever mention her which is a solid indication of how far she is from the public eye.


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