//Ghana – Ewuradjoa Allotey is known as the Pencil Lady

Ghana – Ewuradjoa Allotey is known as the Pencil Lady

Meet Aewura Arts, as popularly known on social media. Be inspired

Ewuradjoa Allotey is a 26 years old pencil artist, wife and mother. She her second cycle education at Mfantsiman Girls senior high school, furthered at the Accra International School for Advertising and Design where she studied graphic design and Accra college of education where she trained to be a teacher.

I grew up in an expressive environment . Parents were and still are very open minded about stuff. They allow you and support you to be yourself. My career path was greatly influenced by my parents. When my parents did realize my love for drawing they encouraged me. They did take me for drawing competitions , got me pencils and stuff for me to practice.

I started in senior high school where I used to design writing pads for letters to be posted to other schools then graduated to drawing commercially for my colleagues and teachers.

The aim of putting female pencil artists on a high pedestal, the joy of satisfying my clients and of course money are the things that motivates me to keep doing what I do.”

What are some of your greatest fears and how have you dealt with pitfalls and setbacks ?

” As we all know, artists are not well known here in Ghana so leaving a job that had assurance of a monthly pay to start my own business brewed the worry of unsuccess. I did get over it by encouraging myself and putting myself out there;I went for exhibitions,went to organizations to market my art work and got social media accounts to help as well.”

What are some of your greatest regrets? If given the chance, how would you do things differently?

“I wouldn’t say I have regrets but rather lessons because I give elaborate thought to things before I take a step.”

What have been some of your greatest accomplishments?

“I haven’t yet attained my highest height but so far my accomplishments are meeting some public figures here in Ghana like the Ex President John Agyekum Kuffour and some people in the entertainment industry through my artwork and also putting smiles on peoples faces”

Time consciousness and the golden rule; to do unto others what I want to be done to me, so as much as possible I like to be transparent in all my dealings and being truthful as well, these are some key guidance to my little success climbing the ladder of success.

I am not big on reading, but I do have one book that has changed my life and directs my path, the Bible and attached to it would be my devotional “ I declare” by Joel osten.

At leisure hours I like going out with family and seeing new places, movies or plays.

As an artist and an entrepreneur,  I think entrepreneurship is a good thing, it is one of the ways to solve some challenges like unemployment since it gives the chance to those who can utilize their talents to create jobs and those who like to be their own bosses to have a source of income.

My little advise to every upcoming artist and startup entrepreneurs is that comfort zones don’t produce results, it doesn’t make u a better entrepreneur. Nothing good comes easy or cheap. Get out of your comfort zone and you would be amazed by the changes your business would see.

Source: www.mystorymagazine.com

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