Ghana – She Moved From Iran To Ghana

Anahita, an Iranian Youtuber, found love and a new home in Ghana after a journey that took her from China to Africa. Her story is not just about personal growth and exploration but also sheds light on the cultural richness and opportunities present in different parts of the world.

Anahita’s journey began in China, where she pursued her passion for art design. It was there that she met her Ghanaian husband, sparking a connection that would eventually lead her to Ghana in 2019, just before a lockdown altered the world’s landscape.

Reflecting on her experience, Anahita shared that the lockdown in Ghana felt much safer and more manageable compared to what she perceived it would have been like in China. She emphasized the peace, safety, and relaxed atmosphere of Ghana, contrasting it with the hustle and bustle of China and the complexities of life in Iran.

Living in Ghana, Anahita described a sense of constant vacation, attributing it to the peaceful environment, friendly people, and beautiful weather. She noted that Ghanaians are not in a rush or overly aggressive, creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. One aspect that stood out to her was the kindness of strangers, highlighting how people on the streets would readily offer help, a gesture she found rare in other parts of the world.

Clarifying a common misconception, Anahita pointed out that Iranians speak Persian, not Arabic, a detail that many overlook and one that can irritate those from Iran.

Anahita’s love for Ghana extended to its cuisine, particularly enjoying dishes like fufu, banku, and kenkey. However, she admitted not being a fan of Ghanaian jollof, attributing her preference to a feeling that it’s imported rather than authentically Ghanaian.

When asked about her YouTube channel, Anahita revealed her passion for documentary-making, using her channel as a platform to capture the essence of Ghana through her lens. Beyond documenting her experiences, Anahita advocates for women’s opportunities and recognition in a world often dominated by men. She believes in providing opportunities to women whenever possible, acknowledging the biases and challenges they face in various fields. Anahita’s story is not just about cultural exploration but also about resilience, empowerment, and the pursuit of one’s passions despite societal barriers. Her journey from Iran to Ghana showcases the transformative power of embracing new experiences and advocating for equality and opportunity for all.

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