Ghana – She Started Her Bakery At 9

Kim Coleman, also known as Kim Gourmet, is a teacher by profession, teaching English and Spanish, and also the CEO of Kimberry Cake and Bakery. However, her journey into the world of baking is not what one might expect. Kim did not attend baking school or have formal training in the culinary arts. Instead, she developed her passion for baking from a very young age, growing up in a household where baking was a way of life.

Kim’s story traces back to her childhood in Kumasi, Ghana, where she was raised by her grandmother, a skilled baker who produced bread on a large scale for the bustling city. From the age of five, Kim immersed herself in the art of baking under her grandmother’s guidance. Her mother’s frequent business trips meant that Kim spent most of her time with her grandmother, absorbing the secrets of baking and developing a deep love for the craft.

At just nine years old, Kim took her first step into entrepreneurship by setting up a small table in front of her house. On this table, she displayed an array of freshly baked bread, including tea bread, butter bread, and sugar bread. Armed with a knife and butter for spreading, Kim catered to her neighborhood, creating what she fondly refers to as her “first little bakery.”

Despite her young age, Kim’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident. She continued to sell bread to her eager customers, honing her baking skills and business acumen with each transaction. This early experience laid the foundation for what would later become Kimberry Cake and Bakery, a venture that officially launched in May 2021.

While Kim had been baking professionally for a decade prior to opening her bakery, she initially juggled her passion for baking with her teaching career. However, as her bakery gained momentum, Kim made the decision to focus solely on her first love—baking. Alongside running her bakery, Kim also shares her knowledge and expertise by conducting occasional baking classes, passing on the art and joy of baking to others.

Running a bakery business in Ghana comes with its challenges, as Kim candidly acknowledges. Inflation poses a significant hurdle, with fluctuating ingredient prices making it challenging to maintain consistent pricing for her cakes. Additionally, finding dedicated and passionate staff members remains an ongoing struggle for Kim, who emphasizes the importance of having a team that shares her enthusiasm and commitment.

Despite these challenges, Kim remains optimistic about the future of Kimberry Cake and Bakery. She envisions her brand expanding its presence to every region in Ghana, bringing her delicious creations and passion for baking to a wider audience. Kim’s journey from a young girl selling bread on a makeshift table to the CEO of a thriving bakery is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and the love for creating something truly special.

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