//Kenya – Police Drags Women on Street Using a Motorcycle

Kenya – Police Drags Women on Street Using a Motorcycle

Rift Valley Regional Police Commander Marcus Ochola has commenced investigations on the conduct of Olenguruone OCS after a video emerged online showing him dragging along a woman tied to his motorcycle.

The video captured a woman tied to a motorcycle who was being dragged along a dirt path inside the police compound while screaming for help.

The woman is heard pleading with the policeman to stop and cover her body as her clothes had been pulled off by the rough path, exposing her to several onlookers.

In the video, one of the men cheering the OCS is seen whipping the woman on the back amidst her screams.

Many of those who have watched the video condemned the incident and called for the policemen’s arrest.

According to some of the witnesses, the woman was one of several suspects that were arrested as they tried to steal from a house belonging to the deputy OCS on June 6.

Cases of police brutality have been on the rise, with two having been charged with murder for atrocities committed during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: www.k24tv.co.ke


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