//Kenya – Woman Gives Birth On Train

Kenya – Woman Gives Birth On Train

A mother who gave birth to a baby onboard an express train between Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, and the coastal city of Mombasa has been showered with congratulations.

Kenyans have been delighted with the news after Kenya Railways shared the story on social media.

The national rail firm also posted photos showing one of the attendants holding the new-born alongside the mother and those who had assisted in the birth.

Luckily a doctor and a nurse were on the train and were able to help with the delivery on Wednesday.

“We were blessed to have Dr Indanyenyi Luseso onboard who performed the delivery, assisted by Ms Fauziya Lugogo, a nurse at Kenyatta National Hospital and our Madaraka Express Passenger Attendant, Ms Mary Nyiha,” the post said.

Afterwards the passenger and her “bundle of joy” were rushed to “Mariakani sub-county hospital for further medical assistance”, it said.

Mariakani is the penultimate stop on the Madaraka Express (also known as the SGR) between Nairobi and Mombasa, a journey which usually takes six hours.

“Both the mother and the baby are OK. We wish her well,” Kenya Railways said.

One woman has recently commented on Facebook: “I was there yesterday. It was a joyful moment. SGR miracle baby.”

Many others said the baby should be entitled to free tickets.

“Kenya Railway I hope the new-born will be awarded free transport aboard the SGR for the rest of his/her life as is culture on airplanes,” one person wrote.

Others suggested the new-born be called Madaraka, a Swahili word meaning “power”.

Kenyans have a national holiday on 1 June called Madaraka Day to mark the time in 1963 when the country attained internal self-rule from British colonialists.

Source: BBC


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