Senegal – She Opened A Dance Studio In Senegal and Ghana

Mariama Touré is the founder of The Dance Hall, a dance studio headquartered in Senegal with a newly opened branch in Ghana in 2024. Her journey into cultural entrepreneurship began in 2011 after she returned to Senegal following her studies in Journalism and Communication at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Her decision to open a space dedicated to teaching urban dances stemmed from her passion for both journalism and the arts, believing that individuals should be free to explore their varied interests before committing to a specific path.

Mariama’s affinity for dance as a form of personal solace and expression dates back to her childhood. She recounted how dancing on the streets of Senegal helped her navigate challenges at home and school. Her exposure to dance studios during her time abroad further fueled her desire to establish a similar space in Senegal, where none existed at the time.

The journey to create The Dance Hall was not without challenges. Mariama worked multiple jobs for two years, saving diligently to accumulate enough funds—CFA 6 million (approximately USD 10 thousand)—to realize her dream. It took a year to find a suitable location that met the criteria for a dance studio, culminating in the opening of The Dance Hall Senegal in 2013, which attracted an initial attendance of 200 people.

The Dance Hall caters to a diverse audience, welcoming both amateurs and professionals in urban dance genres. Beyond training, the studio provides support in managing dance careers, helping dancers secure gigs and navigate the industry. While it serves as a professional platform, The Dance Hall’s primary ethos is to provide a space for people to enjoy dancing and have fun.

The decision to expand to Ghana reflects The Dance Hall’s international vision and commitment to transforming lives through dance. Mariama sees this expansion as an opportunity for dancers to earn income as professional teachers, aligning with the studio’s mission of empowering dancers.

Regarding future expansions, Mariama emphasized the importance of consolidating operations in Ghana before considering additional countries. The studio’s hours, from Monday to Saturday, cater to active people, with morning rentals available for those seeking space for their activities.

In addition to physical expansion, Mariama mentioned exploring franchising opportunities, underscoring The Dance Hall’s commitment to broadening its impact globally while maintaining its core values of inclusivity and passion for dance.

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