//Tanzania: Youngest MP MS Halima Abdallah Bulembo

Tanzania: Youngest MP MS Halima Abdallah Bulembo

MS Halima Abdallah Bulembo was the youngest MP in the just dissolved 11th parliament.

Ms Bulembo who sat in the same debating chamber with her father, Abdallah Bulembo told the ‘Daily News’ that her goal is to see her dream of becoming a vibrant and active politician becoming true.

Ms Bulembo who is aged 24, has served as a Special Seats MP through the ruling party-Chama Cha Mapinduzi from 2015 to 2020.

“As a representative of the youth, I focused more on pushing for policy changes towards betterment of young Tanzanians’ wellbeing in working towards the country’s development,” she said.

Her pride is on advocating for the youth who are beginners in business to have not less than six months tax amnesty which would grant their continuity and growth in business.

Unlike many challenges aired in the media especially from female politicians of harassment either by their respective party’s bigwigs or fellow legislators, for the youngest MP, the challenge was different – how to seat with her father in the same Parliament.

“This was somehow a good experience but challenging as some fellow aged MPs would report some divergent views to my father, who would call me to discuss the matter,” she said as she burst into laughter.

Ms Bulembo told the ‘Daily News’ that her plan is to take part in constituency elections as she still need to accomplish a lot of plans that aim at promoting youth rights and welfare.

On the other hand, Mr Nimrodi Mkono, the MP for Butiama, is the oldest member in the just dissolved 11th Parliament.

Mr Mkono, who is a lawyer by professional, was born on August 18, 1943. Recently, Speaker Job Ndugai told MPs that Mkono’s health was poor.

The Speaker made the revelation following allegations by Special Seats MP Rhoda Kunchela that some ruling party MPs were not attending House sessions but continued receiving per diem from the office of the Speaker, and yet were not obliged to make refunds.

Source: allafrica.com

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