//Nigeria – The Product Female Photographer Ibukun komolafe

Nigeria – The Product Female Photographer Ibukun komolafe

My name is Ibukun komolafe, a female photographer based in South Carolina in the United States. I started photography about 7 years ago when I used to run my fashion business.

As part of my business processes in selling my fashion items, I had to take pictures of the items which I will then send off to clients. I will usually have to book an appointment with a photography company to come in and take those pictures. At the beginning, it made sense but in the long run, it was costing my business a lot of money because I had to pay the photography company each time they came in to take pictures. Hence, I decided to start taking the picture of my fashion items to save cost.

I loved the pictures and that is inspired me to enroll into the New York Institute of Photography with the goal of learning more about photography and when I completed, I started my own photography business which I named smartphonephotography.

People are surprised when they make enquires and they find out it is a woman actually taking the pictures. I guess this is because, over the years, photography has been male dominated.

Female Product Photographer Ibukun komolafe

One of my favorite photographer influencers are Dina Belenco and Weekend Creatives. I love how they think and how they represent their thoughts in the pictures they take; it’s so powerful. As a female photographer taking pictures of products for my clients, a good picture must be clean, clear and properly describe the product without words. If it does not have these qualities as a product photographer, it means you won’t be sending out the right message to customers.

In order to get good quality pictures that I shoot, a good phone with a good camera is very important. I have used a lot of phones in the last 7 years, but I currently use a Samsung s10e, s20 and iPhone SE 2020. I use these phones because I love how I can manipulate their cameras to get the kind of results I want to see in a picture. In addition, I use software like Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop Express, Snapseed, and Adobe Rush to give a little bit of effects to the pictures.

One of my major challenges since I started photography is time. I have had so many people on my neck that I have had to really be strict with my time to enable me deliver to my clients at the time they require.

I will encourage women to get into photography. There is no book or law anywhere in the world that says women can’t do certain jobs because they are women.

You can visit the social media handles by going clicking the link https://taplink.cc/smartphonephotographyboss/p/6f6b45/

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