//Zambia – Appoints 21-Year-Old Rehoboth Kafwabulula As Party Spokesperson

Zambia – Appoints 21-Year-Old Rehoboth Kafwabulula As Party Spokesperson

Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party has appointed 21-year-old Rehoboth Kafwabulula as party spokesperson. 

Ms Kafwabulula is in the last year of studying for her law degree and has been a member of the party since its inception, joining immediately after leaving secondary school. She is also a member of the party’s central committee and the general secretary of the Socialist Youth League. 

Speaking on Ms Kafwabulula’s appointment, presidential candidate Fred M’membe said his party was working to capitalise on the energy of Zambia’s youth and that it would not ignore young people in the way other political parties have. 

“Of course, the young people should learn from the old comrades, and should strive as much as possible to engage in all sorts of useful activities with their agreement, ” he said.

The Socialist Party launched its manifesto for the 2021 General Election last month, promising revolutionary change that would see Zambians “working together side by side like beavers”. 

Source: openzambia.com


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